125 years HOCHDORF



“BEST PARTNER for 125 years.”


Dear Reader,

In 1895 Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays ( also known as Röntgen rays ), Alfred Nobel decreed the establishment of the Nobel Prizes in his will, the Swiss Telegraphic Agency began operating as a news agency, and 28 men founded the “1st Central Swiss Natural Milk Export Company” in Hochdorf. It was a truly courageous and far-sighted step at that time – especially since milk was traditionally processed into cheese in Switzerland in those days.

125 years have now passed since the company was founded on 28 January 1895. 125 years of company history with highs and lows. Good times and bad times are both part of the story. The important thing has been to stay focused on customer requirements and continuously develop the company and its products. That is what generations of HOCHDORF employees have achieved successfully over our history. In this anniversary publication, we would like to show you where this has led us. Our features take you on the milk journey for the production of infant formula, describe what HOCHDORF means for Swiss chocolate and provide interesting details about our company history. Do you know how many products contain HOCHDORF milk powder? Take Swiss milk chocolate for example – our roller-dried whole milk powder makes it a delicious treat.

The history and fortunes of our company are shaped first and foremost by the many committed men and women who work with us. Day after day, as a BEST PARTNER, they take responsibility for our customers – whether industrial customers or end consumers – providing dependable commitment that achieves extraordinary results. They create something that is very hard to replicate: trust. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their tireless efforts.

Looking to the future, I am delighted to be part of the next stage of HOCHDORF’s success.

Kind regards from your BEST PARTNER


Dr Peter Pfeilschifter


(Photography: Brigit Willimann)