Hochdorf_iNDSIDE_09_Aprikosenkernoel_KosmetikLotions, body sprays, lip care or shampoos – due to its valuable ingredients, apricot kernel oil is found in countless cosmetic products and has become indispensable in the beauty industry. The high concentration of oleic acid (66.1%) and linoleic acid (25.3%) makes the oil particularly ­popular in skin and hair care products. 

Oleic acid is one of the most important unsatu­rated fatty acids; it is vital for our health but cannot be produced by the body. Linoleic acid is an ­omega-6 fatty acid and an important component of the epidermis, our uppermost skin layer. Linoleic acid regulates the water balance and helps maintain the skin's natural barrier function.(1)

Prunus Armeniaca – a demanding plant

The origins of apricots are not entirely clear. Some sources state that they originated in China, where they were found 4,000 years ago. The Latin name Prunus Armeniaca, however, suggests that the stone fruit originates from Armenia.(2)

Today the apricot is found in many countries. The largest area of cultivation is in eastern Turkey, in
the province of Malatya. The provincial capital of the same name, also known as the apricot capital, ­exports more apricots than anywhere else in the world. It is estimated that 95 % of all dried apricots traded in Europe come from Malatya.(3)

Further information

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