Facts and Figures about Snacks
Eating habits have changed dramatically. In the daytime, more and more people are eating on the move. Communal meals, which remain important for social cohesion, are generally in the evening.
  • 40 % of the Ger­man pop­u­la­tion re­place main meals with snacks.
  • Only 14 % of US con­sumers stick to three meal­times per day.
  • 50 % of snack con­sumers choose prod­ucts with added health ben­e­fits.
  • Ac­cord­ing to a global sur­vey, 43 % of those ques­tioned pre­ferred snacks made from nat­ural in­gre­di­ents.
  • Around a third of all those in­ter­viewed said it was im­por­tant that their snacks con­tained as lit­tle sugar, salt, fat and calo­ries as pos­si­ble. They also wanted more fibre, pro­tein and whole grain.
  • The num­ber of new snack prod­ucts en­ter­ing the mar­ket in the raw fruit and veg­etable seg­ment in­creased five-fold be­tween 2012 and 2015.
  • 69 % of Ger­man con­sumers look out for the or­ganic label.

Fur­ther In­for­ma­tion

Chart where do we eat lunch on weekdays
Chart: How much time we spend eating

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