Felice Fauxpas reist für die HOCHDORF-Gruppe in die Zukunft
I am not visiting a far-flung country this time; I’m jetting off to the year 2095 instead. You won’t believe what awaits us there! And it’s yet another trip that provides me with a treasure trove of amusing culinary tales.

It’s lunchtime and I’m comfortably ensconced in a nice little bistro. Suddenly, the idyllic sound of the birds twittering in the trees is shattered by a strange humming noise, like I’ve suddenly landed in the middle of a beehive. And it sounds scarily close. I look up with a start. Am I about to be attacked by bees in the middle of the city? I soon realise it’s a swarm of drones above me. I breathe a sigh of relief.

But then one of the drones hovers right in front of me. Two black camera eyes gaze at me innocently and address me in a perfectly pleasant voice: “Hello, my name is Karl, your personal chef de service.”

My body gives the order

Karl’s friendly voice asks me how I’m feeling, catching me off guard as he scans my retina. Then he projects a menu recommendation onto the tabletop. Karl claims that his choice is a perfect match for my body’s nutritional requirements. I am lacking in Omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium. My vitamin D3 values are not as good as they should be either. Karl’s navigation device promptly beams some data to my table and chair, causing both to shift a metre or so, taking me with them, as I try to make sense of the menu suggestions. “Your new seating position is the ideal sunlight angle for you,” says Karl.

“Are you ready to order?” I opt for a fish, lentil and vegetable curry with a special milk shake to provide calcium. My body doesn’t seem able to cope with much more. My chair suddenly rises up like a lift and I hover silently along the wall. Root vegetables, lentils, salads and tomatoes are growing on the façade, set out in vertical gardens. Simply everything you might desire.

Karl instructs me to look at my vegetables. “We only use fresh vegetables that are grown sustainably,” he says, before I am drawn gently down to street level again.

“This milk shake tastes delicious. Where did it come from?” I ask Karl. “It’s a Swiss speciality product from the HOCHDORF company. We are always sure that only the best ingredients are used in their products,” Karl explains to me, before winking, saying goodbye and whizzing off to the next guest.


(Illustration: Ivo Kircheis)

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