Modern and fresh – that's the new HOCHDORF logo. It combines nature, humanity and technology in an stand-alone graphic that symbolises the new path HOCHDORF has taken after its restructuring.

The fine lines within the “h” represent the unique fingerprint of every human being. It symbolises the uniqueness of each person and "humanity" in general. Our fingerprint is with us all through our life.

The "h" is joined by a white drop, representing "milk" – a precious, healthy ingredient which also suggests nature itself, with all its other valuable ingredients.

The white drop shapes the small “h” into the large “H”, which stands for HOCHDORF. HOCHDORF too, or rather HOCHDORF products, also carry an unique fingerprint – they represent the very highest quality. The HOCHDORF fingerprint stands for high-quality smart nutrition products for all the phases of life.

The HOCHDORF fingerprint stands for high-quality Smart Nutrition products for all the phases of life.

The “H” is in turn embedded in a large blue drop, which symbolises not only “nature” but also HOCHDORF's “technological competence”.

This symbol, together with the lettering "HOCHDORF", forms the logo.

Below it, in the same blue, is the tag line "HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Solutions" with the Swiss cross: HOCHDORF sees itself as a Swiss food company that offers customers intelligent solutions (“Smart Nutrition”) in its area of expertise.

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