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Scientists are still divided about the amount and frequency of meals adults need each day. ­While the German Nutrition Society (DGE) does not suggest a specific amount, the American Dietetic Association recommends four to five meals or snacks each day.

There are cer­tain ben­e­fits in sup­ple­ment­ing main meals with snacks: we risk low blood sugar if the gaps in our food con­sump­tion are too big. Hunger pangs ensue, which can then re­sult in binge eat­ing. The de­ci­sion to opt for smaller meals spread out over the day can even help to reg­u­late our body weight more ef­fi­ciently. When we eat smaller por­tions the hor­mones that reg­u­late ap­petite are re­leased more steadily and the blood sugar and in­sulin con­cen­tra­tion is more bal­anced. This helps us to keep phys­i­cally fit and men­tally agile.

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