HSN_Ins_Ho_Degustation_b-6896Every infant formula is based on a specific formulation. HOCHDORF produces product lines using its own formulations but it also manufactures formulations to meet specific customer requirements. The role of our Baby Care Development Team is therefore wide-ranging – it develops, optimises and maintains the formulations of our high-quality Swiss infant formula. It is also the link between the individual departments and supports every step of infant formula production – from the composition of the formulation to the first tests and the initial production.

Formulations influenced by multiple factors

The law stipulates the ingredients that may or must be present in an infant formula and in what quantities. There are minimum and / or maximum values that can vary from one country to another. In addition to legal requirements, other criteria influence the selection of ingredients, such as scientific findings and trends in the nutrition of infants and young children – always with the aim of getting as close as possible to the “Golden Standard” of breast milk.

The HOCHDORF Development Team creates the formulations for our high-quality Swiss infant formula, working closely with other departments. We have BEST PARTNER status with our national and international customers.

The next challenge comes with production. The first analyses, trials and test products show if the product can be produced as planned. It often becomes necessary to optimise the formulation or the production parameters after the first tests. This is the only way to produce a product that meets the highest quality standard.

A united effort

Collaboration with other departments is key. The purchase of raw materials is subject to procurement, product analyses and compliance with legal quality assurance requirements. Process changes are only carried out in consultation with the Production Department. There is also close cooperation within the entire Baby Care division; this includes the sales and business development managers, nutrition marketing staff and all the product managers responsible for packaging and registration. It is the only way to successfully bring new products from the initial idea to the market.

Wide product range

HOCHDORF specialises in healthy formulas for expectant mothers as well as newborn babies, infants and pre-school children ( junior milks ). The wide range also includes organic milk for children from birth to preschool age, which gives  HOCHDORF a special market position, as well as a complete range of specialist and medical nutrition.

Patriz Iten, Evelyn Voney and Lukas Hartmann ( from left) from our 11-strong Development Team taste our infant formula. (Photography: Brigitt Willimann)

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