Young family moving into new homeOlivia’s Story Olivia is a sweet little girl of almost three months who is growing well. She is bottle fed regularly but has three episodes of regurgitation per day, seems to be distressed by fussiness and gassiness and cries a lot. Her cry is heart-breaking and usually at the end of the afternoon. During each episode Olivia appears upset, irritable and fussy, contracts her legs and becomes red-faced. Olivia’s parents often take her for a car drive to relax her. Olivia’s parents have also switched her brand of formula but nothing seems to help. Exhausted and desperate, they seek medical help. After medical examination and parental reassurance, Olivia is prescribed an AR formula. Within a short time the regurgitation episodes decrease, she cries again like an ordinary baby and it is good to see that she feels comfortable again. And Olivia’s parents? They sleep well again!

AR in­fant for­mula:

  • AR 1 is an in­fant for­mula, pro­vid­ing all the im­por­tant nu­tri­ents and in­gre­di­ents re­quired daily by the young in­fant up to the age of six months.
  • AR 2 is a nu­tri­tion­ally bal­anced fol­low-on for- ­mula for the in­fant from six months on­wards.
  • The key nu­tri­ent in these foods for spe­cial med­ical pur­poses is carob bean gum. A safe, unique in­gre­di­ent that ef­fec­tively re­duces re­gur­gi­ta­tion and sup­ports gut motil­ity and soft stools.

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