Alongside cow's milk, HOCHDORF now also refines the best goat's milk from producers in Central Switzerland on behalf of Blüemlisberg AG. HOCHDORF ventured into this new territory at the beginning of 2021 when it started refining goat milk.


As a new type of raw milk for HOCHDORF, the refining process had to be redefined for goat milk. The first challenge was to process the goat milk into a readily wettable and soluble milk powder. Achieving this required the close cooperation of the customer and various Hochdorf departments, including Innovation and R&D, Quality Assurance and Production.

Drawing on the extensive cumulative experience of our employees, we now regularly process top quality goat milk into first-class whole goat milk powder. The results have impressed both customers and consumers in terms of taste and texture.

Complete canning service

In the second step, we focused on the filling process for the whole goat milk powder on our modern canning line in Sulgen. Beyond powder packaging, HOCHDORF can provide customers with a complete service to suit their needs: from can redesign – involving our internal Development and Regulatory Affairs interfaces – to print-ready design (Good to Print). Our D2P Manager (Design to Print) is always on hand to advise our customers during this phase.

HOC_Ins_Blüemlisberg-400gA beautiful packaging design was created for Blüemlisberg AG in a collaboration between HOCHDORF, Blüemlisberg's design agency, and the packaging company ASA in San Marino, our long-term partner. It ticks all the boxes with an exclusive design, a beautiful feel and a matt, silky sheen – fully in line with our customer's wishes and ideas.

The successful goat milk refining and filling project has once again proved the maxim: great products can be created with committed employees, a lot of innovative spirit and a pinch of courage.

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Left: After thorough testing, Gruppo ASA produced a can with a matt finish for HOCHDORF for the first time. The can has an impressive, unique feel and a matt, silky sheen.

After gentle refining, the high-quality whole goat milk powder is filled into the newly designed cans in our state-of-the art filling line in Sulgen.

About Blüemlisberg AG

Blüemlisberg AG is a goat farm in Central Switzerland, based in the tourist area of Sattel-Hochstuckli. The company sells various high-quality products made from goat milk, including the whole goat milk powder that we dry. High-quality chocolate is made from the powder; goat ice-cream, cheese, meat and care products can also be bought on the farm or in the online store.


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