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HOCHDORF sees its future market opportunities in the "Smart Nutrition" niche for specialist foods that offer high functional added value for our industrial customers and for our consumers.

The production of these "Smart Nutrition" products requires sound knowledge of nutritional physiology, a distinct understanding of customer and consumer needs as well as resilient technological competence for the careful processing of high-quality raw materials.

In both the Baby Care and Food Solutions divisions, HOCHDORF focuses on "Smart Nutrition" products with extra added value.

By "Smart Nutrition", HOCHDORF means specialist foods that are designed for the specific requirements of defined target groups. For example, foods for special medical purposes, such as the new infant formula Riso PH, which was developed specifically for children with a cow's milk allergy, lactose intolerance or galactosemia. Our goat's milk-based infant formula that is offered as an alternative to foods derived from cow's milk is another example.

Whey competence – an important foundation

In developing its own whey protein concentrates, the whey competence centre based within the Food Solutions division is establishing an important foundation. The development of a formulation for vegan chocolate and the production of lactose-free milk powder should also be highlighted.

In recent years, the food market has shown strong global growth in functional specialist foods that are geared to the specific needs of defined target groups. This development is based on a more conscious approach to nature and food, the worldwide phenomenon of malnutrition and increased standards in the baby care segment. HOCHDORF is thus well positioned in the market for "Smart Nutrition".

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