Brief overview of some milk-based coffee specialities

Brief overview of some milk-based coffee specialities

Café au lait 
This is a long espresso, a dou­ble espresso or a fil­ter cof­fee with hot milk. A café au lait con­tains equal amounts of milk and cof­fee.

Café crème
Café crème is made from freshly milled cof­fee beans. The roasted blend is sig­nif­i­cantly lighter than espresso. Pour­ing cream is usu­ally added to café crème.

Caffè latte
A clas­sic caffè latte is made from a dou­ble ­espresso with the ad­di­tion of lots of frothy milk. The lightly frothed milk gives this cof­fee three dif­fer­ent lay­ers: milk, espresso, frothy milk. The first step is to froth the milk lightly in a jug. The milk and milk froth are then poured into a cup be­fore the dou­ble espresso is care­fully added through the frothy top­ping. The espresso must be warmer than the milk to allow it to set­tle be­tween the milk and the milk froth.

Latte mac­chi­ato
In con­trast to a caffè latte, latte mac­chi­ato only con­tains a sin­gle shot of espresso and a cor­re­spond­ingly larger quan­tity of frothy milk. It makes up a third of the cof­fee. Latte mac­chi­ato is also usu­ally served in a tall glass with three vis­i­ble lay­ers, like caffè latte.

Caffè mocha 
Caffè mocha is an Ital­ian espresso spe­cial­ity. It com­prises one third espresso, one third choco­late or one to two desert spoons of choco­late syrup and one third hot, frothy milk. The choco­late and the high pro­por­tion of milk gives caffè mocha a very mild, sweet flavour.

Cap­puc­cino is an Ital­ian cof­fee spe­cial­ity. It is made of equal parts of espresso, hot milk and frothy milk. It is usu­ally served in a spe­cial, thick cap­puc­cino cup with choco­late pow­der sprin­kled on the frothy milk.

Iced cof­fee 
The first in­gre­di­ents are two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass A cold espresso is then poured over the ice cream and dec­o­rated with whipped cream and choco­late curls.

Espresso con panna 
This is a clas­sic espresso topped with whipped cream.

Espresso granità 
The espresso is mixed with sugar and frozen, be­fore being crushed into small pieces and served with whipped cream.

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