Mister Cool AG is the largest private ice cream and dessert producer in Switzerland. At its ­production site in Zuchwil, in the canton of ­Solothurn, a 15-strong team of experts produces ice cream and sorbets in various flavours.
High-qualitHocIns_No_8_Portraitbild-Daniel-Jueniy ingredients such as Swiss sugar, milk and cream and other regional ingredients form the basis of Mister Cool AG's excellent ice cream specialities. One of the company's special features is its production of ice cream flavours based on customers' requests. Mister Cool works with Swiss and European partners to create a variety of ­on-trend ice creams and desserts for the Swiss and international markets.
Mister Cool AG was founded by Peter Eggenschwiler in 1987. In 2000 he began the process of handing over management responsibility and then the entire company to Daniel Jüni, an experienced Food & Beverage Manager. Daniel Jüni’s brother Martin has also worked in the family business as Sales and Marketing Manager since 2015.


For more information, go to: www.mistercool.ch

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Daniel Jüni, owner and Managing Director of Mister Cool AG

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