Producing condensed milk

Reto Guyer
By Reto Guyer - October 17, 2019
Condensed milk produced by HOCHDORFThe production of condensed milk is a simple yet self-contained, high-tech process – far removed from our romantic view of the product we loved in the 60s and 70s.

In the first step, the milk is standardised to balance out the seasonal fluctuations in protein and fat content. This is followed by pasteurisation, killing any germs that may be present.

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After pasteurisation, the milk is evaporated in a continuous and closed six-stage vacuum evaporator. During the evaporation time of around 30 minutes, the dry matter of the milk increases from the original 12 percent to approximately 50 percent. The six-stage process means that only the first of the six stages of evaporation requires heat input as each further stage uses the steam of the previous stage.

HOCHDORF attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy efficiency. Thus, the vapour water produced is used for cleaning purposes instead of being drained away.

The thickened milk is then mixed in batches with Swiss sugar, up to a sugar content of 45 percent, and heated in a vacuum to 50 degrees Celsius, until the desired dry matter content is reached. The crucial step occurs at the end of the process, when the mixture of sugar and milk concentrate is crystallised in a closed tank. This gives the condensed milk its characteristic structure and prevents the condensed milk from crystallising spontaneously and forming lumps later.

When the crystallisation is complete, the standard chemical, bacteriological and physical checks are carried out. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to food safety at HOCHDORF: we can guarantee the delicious, sweet pleasure of our condensed milk without reservation.

The cooled condensed milk is then fed into large containers or sent to the tube filling line. A blue and white aluminium tube filled with delicious condensed milk and wafting the delicate aroma of caramel leaves the production line every second. Ready for you to enjoy!

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