Milk Proteins

In the last edition of “HOCHDORF Inside” we looked at the structure of milk and its individual components, focussing specifically on proteins. We are considering this topic again in our latest issue, spotlighting the protein concentrates we produce in our plant at Sulgen (Switzerland) and their applications.

Let’s scratch the sur­face first be­fore we look in more de­tail. As a milk proces­sor fo­cussing on “pow­der pro­duc­tion” as our core area of ex­per­tise, we are more in­ter­ested in the lac­tose, milk fat, milk pro­tein and min­eral com­po­nents of milk than the 87 per­cent water (see di­a­gram of milk and its com­po­nents). Every in­gre­di­ent has spe­cific prop­er­ties of in­ter­est to the food pro­cess­ing in­dus­try. These prop­er­ties vary de­pend­ing on how the com­po­nents are ex­tracted and (sub­se­quently) dried. This re­sults in al­most in­nu­mer­able ways to use the raw ma­te­r­ial of milk – even be­fore we con­sider any fur­ther sep­a­ra­tion of the four com­po­nent in­gre­di­ents.

Fractionation of low-fat milk

 A varied range

Our standard range includes a large number of different milk and whey protein powders. We are delighted to help our customers find or develop the ideal protein powder for a specific application. Please feel free to contact us.

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