Looking for competent specialists and smart nutrition solutions for milk powder and milk powder alternatives? It won't be long until you come across the HOCHDORF name. Whether it's established Swiss chocolate manufacturers or smaller producers – they all have confidence in the quality of our LEDOR roller dried full fat powder, which makes all the difference in the taste of our much-loved Swiss milk chocolate. But it's not just the chocolate manufacturers who appreciate our expertise, it's also the companies behind the whole production process.
Just like HOCHDORF, the Bühler Group from Uzwil provides great expertise in the technical aspects of the chocolate production process. The Bühler Group is one of the technology leaders in chocolate and confectionery production, covering the whole spectrum of the process from raw material to finished product.

High-quality chocolate depends on expertise

Chocolate manufacture requires considerable expertise – in terms of both raw materials and technology. The Bühler Group therefore runs courses worldwide for experts in the chocolate industry, such as the 3-day training programme "Chocolate course advanced". The course addresses issues such as the impact of raw materials on the various processes and end products. Charlotte Perich, Functional Ingredients Project Manager, was one of the trainers for this year's course – as part of HOCHDORF's Innovation and R&D team, which focused on milk powder. “My knowledge of the industry was a perfect fit for the Bühler Group expertise," says Charlotte Perich.

Crucial for taste

As part of the course, Charlotte presented the different types of milk powder, considering their production and properties. She highlighted crucial taste or process aspects such as texture, caramel flavours of varying intensity, water content or particle structure. Participants were also keen to learn about amorphous and crystalline lactose. There was also interest in HOCHDORF’s latest product, which comprises a vegan or plant-based alternative to classic milk powder.

Our expertise – your request

Contact us if you would like to know more about our products or the customised solutions we offer. We would be delighted to use our expert knowledge to find solutions for you.

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Photo with permission of the Bühler Group

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