When we think of taurine we immediately associate it with energy drinks. However, their stimulating effect is primarily from the caffeine. In higher doses, taurine can even have a calming effect.

The fact that this nu­tri­ent is an im­por­tant sub­stance for the human body and not a lifestyle prod­uct is often over­looked. Our bod­ies can form tau­rine in the liver from the amino acids me­thio­n­ine and cys­teine with the help of Vi­t­a­min B6. So tau­rine is often de­scribed as an amino acid even though it is not a com­po­nent of the pro­tein. Tau­rine is mainly found in the retina, heart, brain, skele­tal mus­cles and or­gans.

The en­ergy drink for the new­born child

In ideal cir­cum­stances, we re­ceive our first tau­rine from breast milk. It is the sec­ond most ­commonly oc­cur­ring free amino acid and ex­cep­tion­ally im­por­tant for the new­born child. In con­trast to adults, ba­bies can only pro­duce lim­ited tau­rine as a re­sult of their un­de­vel­oped en­zyme ­activity, which is why tau­rine is classed as one of the con­di­tion­ally es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents. An in­fant for­mula en­riched with tau­rine, such as those pro­duced by HOCHDORF, is there­fore an ad­van­tage for chil­dren who can­not be breast fed.

Im­por­tant for mind and body

Tau­rine is in­volved in nu­mer­ous processes in the body, such as the healthy de­vel­op­ment of the ­retina and light-sen­si­tive pho­tore­cep­tors in par­tic­u­lar. It also pro­tects nu­mer­ous or­gans from ox­ida­tive stress and there­fore from chronic ill­nesses. Tau­rine stim­u­lates the im­mune sys­tem and en­sures good com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween the neu­rones in the brain. Tau­rine has a pos­i­tive ef­fect on cho­les­terol lev­els and makes sure our body can ab­sorb the li­posol­u­ble vi­t­a­mins A, D, E and K.

For adults who have a healthy and bal­anced diet, tau­rine de­fi­ciency is rare. Meat, seafood, eggs and milk prod­ucts all con­tain tau­rine. How­ever, tau­rine is rec­om­mended for new­born ba­bies to pre­vent de­vel­op­men­tal dis­or­ders.

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